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Monthly Thoughts from the Auour Investment Team


“In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.” Benjamin Graham (father of value investing) This is not a time for relatives. Don’t worry, Mom, we aren’t referring to family. We mean that justifying an investment based on its attractiveness relative to the prices...
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“…the most dramatic thing that’s almost ever happened in the entire world history of finance.” – Charlie Munger when discussing the current stock market environment. There is a saying in the investment world, “You might know when you are in an investment bubble but still have no clue when or how it pops.” As we...
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Two Narratives

“Creating a relatable narrative means digging deep, asking hard questions and potentially airing some uncomfortable truths.” ― Tobin Trevarthen To understate the obvious, we are in confusing times. One day, we are elated that a vaccine might be approved and distributed. Another day, we rue the escalating caseload and impending new lockdowns.  The global investment markets are...
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3rd Quarter Commentary 2020

“The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else.” —Umberto Eco False Heroes Just a note: We have been quiet for the past two months not because we lacked things to say but because we felt everyone needed a break. We can’t be the only...
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2nd Quarter 2020 Commentary

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” —Claudius, in Hamlet The Quarter in Review The second quarter was almost a mirror image—the same, but in reverse—of the first. March ended with the world shut down, investment markets in disarray, significant layoffs, and people fearing infection. As June ended, the world was...
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Over the long term, measured in years, the investment markets mimic the overall economy. We have seen many periods when the two diverged for a short time, sometimes significantly. And, admittedly, the word short is ambiguous. It could mean weeks, months, or, in some contexts, years. The greater a shift in the economy, the longer...
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